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Write a lexical analyzer

Write a lexical analyzer

The first assignment is to write a lexical analyzer (lexer)

You can build your entire lexer using a FSM, Or build using at least FSMs for identifier, integer and real (the rest can be written ad-hoc)  

but YOU HAVE TO CONSTRUCT A FSM for this assignment otherwise, there will be a deduction of 2 points (Out of 10)!


Note: In your documentation (design section), YOU MUST write the REs for Identifiers, Real and Integer, and also show the NFSM using Thompson.


The Lexer

A major component of your assignment will be to write a procedure (Function) – lexer (),  that returns a  token when it is needed.  Your lexer()  should return a record, one field for the token and another field the actual “value” of the token (lexeme), i.e. the instance of a token.


Your main program should test the lexer i.e., your program should read a file containing the source code of Rat20SU to generate tokens and write out the results to an output file.   

Make sure that you print both, the tokens and lexemes.


Basically, your main program should work as follows

while not finished (i.e. not end of the source file) do

call the lexer for a token

print the token and lexeme



Do at least 3 test cases and make sure that you turn in proper documentation using the documentation template.


 A simple  test case                      

(Partial) Source code:


while  (fahr  < upper)   a = 23;



token                             lexeme

keyword                            while

separator                           (

identifier                           fahr

operator                             <

identifier                           upper

separator                            )

identifier                           a

operator                             =

integer                                    23

Separator                            ;