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Week 1 Assignment: Email To A Friend

Week 1 Assignment: Email To A Friend

At lunch your friend Mary tells you that she is preparing to teach her first online class. She has taught the same course – Abnormal Psychology – about twenty times in a traditional college campus setting and tells you, “Its no big deal, right? I’ll just take my old syllabus, change the dates, and put it up on Blackboard!” You, having just finished Week 1 in our class, have a few, um, polite suggestions for Mary. Just as you are about to speak, her phone rings. It’s an important call she must take. She apologizes to you for having to go, gives you some money for the bill, and leaves.

Write a follow up email to Mary in which you identify four points that she may want to consider in preparing for her class. End with at least 2 resources (articles/videos/web resources, etc.) she might consider as she develops her online course.

You can compose this fictional email in a Word document. Aim for about 400 words and please include full APA-formatted (or format your discipline uses) references for the 2 resources you offered to Mary.

Please let me know if you need anything else