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The Relationship between Happiness and Psychological Health

The Relationship between Happiness and Psychological Health

Understanding happiness:

1.According to the author, what is happiness and how is it attained? (Please cite your sources).

2.In chapter 2, the author asks the reader to assess him or herself.  In what ways are judgments of happiness made?  That is, how does one assess his or her happiness levels?  Are these methods valid?

3.In making judgments about your own happiness, where are you on that continuum and where are your friends and family?

4.What are some happiness “myths” described by the author? Why does she consider these “myths?”

5.What is meant by “hedonic adaptation,” and how does that fit in with the study of happiness?

6.What is the happiness “set point,” and what research supports this idea? Is there refuting evidence?

7.Are people predisposed to experience a certain level of happiness?  Is that the same thing as saying our happiness level is determined? Why or why not?

8.When discussing the promise of “intentional activity,” the author discusses the possibility of increasing one’s happiness.  What are her conclusions, and what evidence does she have for holding such conclusions? Relating these ideas to your life

9.Take one of the given assessments on happiness, and then describe the results regarding your level of happiness (please describe the scale that you used).  Now, assess your closest friend.  Are you similar or different?

10.Now take the Person-Fit Activity Diagnostic?  That is, after taking this assessment, what were your four happiness activities?  Then, give this assessment to your closest friend.  Were the results similar to your own?   What conclusions do you draw from comparing your scores?

11.Whatare the 12 happiness activities mentioned by Dr. Lyubomirsky?  How do these activities improve one’s happiness?  Please be specific.  In what ways do these apply to your life?

12.For a period of one week, focus on two happiness activities and engage in behaviors suggested by the author.  Please describe your experiences over the week (cognitions, emotions, behaviors—please address each of these in turn).  Did these activities help you?  Why or why not?

13.What are the five ways to achieve sustainable happiness?  Which of these do you practice.  Please describe.

14.How might the strategies and activities suggested by Dr. Lyubomirksy affect individuals who are depressed (please thoroughly read the Postscript: pg. 285). What does she say causes depression and what are the most hopeful treatments, according to the author?

15. Conclusion.  After reading The How of Happiness, form a well-thought