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Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy


A4. Report

Social Media Policy

Audience: Your employer and other members of your discourse community.

Purpose: To position yourself as an expert in your field making field-specific recommendations regarding social media genres as “active sites” (per Bazerman).

Length: 4+ pages plus References


Scenario: Congrats – you landed your job and your professional experience is unfolding well. Since you are an expert in your discourse community regarding communication, your boss has tasked you with writing two social media policies: one for the organization and its relationship to social media, and one for employees and their personal social media habits.

Step One: Consider the role of social media in your specific field. What does it look like? Please note: this may look very different according to different discourse communities. You may want to draw from additional case studies you’ve learned about or experiences in your own workplace as well as media-based stories or academic sources.

Step Two: Draft your policy:

Part One

  1. Articulate the role of social media for an organization and outline the potential problems you anticipate.
  2. Outline an organization’s media policy. What types of content should they post, and what should be avoided? What kind of language? How often?

Part Two

  1. Address the concern of employee social media posting in connection with your organization. How do you reconcile an employee’s personal life and professional life in an online environment?
  1. Outline a policy for employee social media posting. Are they encouraged to list your organization as their employer? What are they allowed to post or share in terms of photos and content?

Writer’s Revision Memo

  • What have you learned about social media in your discourse community?
  • Comment on the peer review feedback you received. Which comments did you find helpful, and how will you apply them?
  • Comment on your impression of adopting an “expert” persona.