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Should guns be allowed on campus?

Should guns be allowed on campus?

It must be a documented essay using the four sources identified in the Patterns text (Link down below) Remember to cite each source within the essay using APA style, and include a References page with the four sources used.
Use the four essays in the Patterns Text Book as your sources starting on pages:

634, “Why I Wouldn’t Go to the University of Texas Law School” by Andrew Wilson

639, “Why Our Campuses Are Safer without Concealed Handguns” by Students for Gun-Free Schools

648, “Why Our Campuses Are Not Safer without Concealed Handguns” by Students for Concealed Carry

660, “There’s a Reason Why They Choose Schools” by Timothy Wheeler.

Use each of the four sources from the text at least once in your essay. You may bring in additional sources, but you still need to use each of the sources in the text. See examples of documentation and references in this lesson.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: You can find author, date, and other publication information about the (4) essays in your book starting on page 786 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. Look for the author alphabetically (or the TITLE if the essay is done by a GROUP such as “Students for Concealed Carry”). YOU WILL NEED THIS FOR THE REFERENCES PAGE.


Link to text book