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Self-Organizing Criticality

Self-Organizing Criticality

The Analysis assignment should be formatted as an essay in APA style. Submit the Analysis assignment as a single file comprised of the following two sections:

Self-Organizing Criticality – In Chapter Four of our Sternberg text, David Perkins outlines a five-step model of self-organizing criticality. Describe this process. Then, illustrate with an example from your own experience. Which of the emergent follies (<link is hidden> shortfalls) are apparent in this case? How might these shortfalls be avoided? (three pages)

Decision-Making Units – In Chapter Two, Sowell considers the role of informal and formal relationships in decision making – and the all-important question of who will decide. These decision-making units appear in all types of social organizations. Describe some decision-making units in which you play an influential role. (Are there also decision-making units that impact your life but in which you have little say?) Then, illustrate these concepts with a single decision-making event: Describe the decision-making unit, your role in that unit, the decision-making process undertaken, and the outcome of that decision. (three pages)


Sowell, Thomas. (1996). Knowledge and Decisions (1st Edition). Basic Books. ISBN-10: 0465037380, ISBN-13: 978-0465037684. Audio CD available.

Sternberg, <link is hidden> (2002). Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid (1st Edition). Yale Univ Press. ISBN-10: 0300101708, ISBN-13: 978-0300101706. E-text available.