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The basic purpose of this specific assignment is to provide a clear and persuasive argument in support of your own position with respect to the argument (or persuasive case) that is being presented by a thinker in one of the readings that you have chosen for your ‘Reading Analysis Assignment’.

Side note: My Reading Analysis Assignment file will be attached for reference under the name ‘Reading Analysis of Plain Sex_Pedro_Micah_FINAL’. This paper provides a detailed analysis of the argument that is being presented by a philosopher that I’ve chosen. This paper primarily analyzes information from the file ‘Plain Sex by Alan H. Goldman’

The essay assignment should be focused on answering the following questions (for the benefit of your reader):

1. What is my own position (conclusion) on this topic or issue? In other words, do you agree or disagree with the position expressed by the thinker in the reading that was the subject of your reading analysis (see above)?

2. Based on the working assumption that your reader will not necessarily agree with your position on this issue, what reasons or considerations (premises) should your reader consider in order to give your argument fair consideration on this particular issue before they reach their own informed conclusion on this particular subject?

In this case, the primary emphasis of your research effort should be directed toward making sure that your own argument is well structured, that any factual claims involved in your argument are well-informed and relevant, and that your premises (your reasons in support of accepting your conclusion) are rationally persuasive to the point where a critical, but fair, the reader will be inclined to give your argument, and your conclusion, serious consideration.

20% of your Essay Assignment should consist of (at the beginning of your essay) presenting your reader with a clear, but concise, description of the argument you are going to be responding to. Basically, this will consist of a clear and concise summary of the material that you covered in your Reading Analysis Assignment (attached below) in order to convince your reader that you have a clear grasp of the issue that your argument will be responding to.

80% of your essay assignment should then consist of presenting your reader with your own clear, well-composed, well structured, and well informed (and well researched) argument in support
of your position on this particular issue.