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Vance-Granville Community College Radiography Program RAD

261Case Study Senior Project Purpose: The purpose of the Case Study Senior Project is to create a holistic understanding in radiography. This involves following a pathology through all phases of treatment. Understanding pathology, diagnosis, treatment, and imaging creates a full circle learning experience and allows the student to better understand how radiography effects theentiremedical experience.This project will encourage the student to identify a pathology and follow it through each phase of treatment.Procedure: The student will research Melorheostosis.

To gain a better understanding of the pathology, the student can interview an individual who has been diagnosed with the disease process or speak with a healthcare professional such as a radiologist or physician.The student will researchall (but not limited to) ofthe following aspects of their chosen pathology:



•Treatment options& Evaluation of treatment

•Best imaging modalities for the pathology

•Prevalence of the pathology

•Congenital disease or not

•Any other pertinent information about the pathology Paper:

The student will compose a research paper on Melorheostosis. The paper will follow APA format and will be no less than 6 pages in length. This 6-pagelength does not include the outline, cover page, abstract, or references page. The student should thoroughly cover all aspects of the chosen pathology. In addition to the specifics related to pathology, the paper should include variables such as patient care, radiation safety, special conditions related to positioning, alternative modality treatment of the disorder, prognosis, and etiology. The grading rubric for this paper is contained in this document below.

.Virtual Presentation:

The student will create a collegiate APA formatted PowerPoint presentation with voice over/recording included.The presentation must be informative and include information on the topics listed above. Images of the pathology are mandatory,and the student must be able to point out information on the images used.

The presentation must be 20 minutes long in order to include all information necessary.

Grading: The research paper and PowerPoint presentation will be graded separately by rubrics.This project will yield the average of the two grades that will be in a category worth 30% of the RAD 261 grade.