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Law Research Paper “Kafala System “

Law Research Paper “Kafala System “


3-  Introduction

4-  Body of the Paper.  While depending on the topic of the research the following outline can be modified, a paper must include:

a.  Discussion of the topic

b.  Thesis statement

c.  How the topic has been analyzed by the literature, including its limitations

d.  Discussion of the study/research

e.  Report of the findings

f.  Limitations of the study

5-  Conclusion

6-  Bibliography (not Reference)

7-  Appendix (if applicable)

The paper must be 16 to 25 pages not counting cover page, abstract, bibliography and appendix.  It must be doubled spaced Time New Romans 12pp and must include page number.  Furthermore the paper must be submitted both on BB and as a hard copy to the professor and must include also a copy of the attached rubric.