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HIS 112 Western Civilization

HIS 112 Western Civilization

Between 1800 and 1850 Britain had an Industrial Revolution.  What does that mean?  How did the Industrial Revolution affect work, poverty, and how people lived?  Discuss

Discussion Questions

Ch. 18: Rebellion


What led to British Colonists in North America to protest against the Government?  Discuss.

Ch. 18: Russia

You are an advisor to the Peter, the young Czar of Russia.  He wants to revive the economy and promote use of technology.  What would you recommend to him?

Ch. 18: Frederick of Prussia

Frederick William of Prussia

He was an Absolute King.  But he was also popular with the people and had large amounts of immigration.  People were trying to move INTO his kingdom?  Why? Discuss!

Ch. 18: English Kings

England was a Constitutional Monarchy in the 18th century.  The Kings still tried to wield Absolute power.  What parts of the government limited their power and represented the people?

Ch. 18: 7 Years War

Discuss the 7 Years War, also know as the Great War for Empire.  What would have been the result if Britain had lost?  How would that affect us today?

Ch. 19: Enlightenment

How did the Philosophers of the Enlightenment view the Absolute Monarchs of their time?  What were their views on justice and government.

Ch. 19: Rousseau’s Critiques of Society

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

What were Rousseau’s criticisms of government and society?

Ch.19: The Middle class – Bourgeoise

The Middle Class

The Bourgeoisie grew in the 18th century.  How did social class between the Peasant Farmers and the Nobility change in the 18th century?  What were their lives, lifestyles, and values

Ch. 19: New Foods

How did food crops from the Colonies change agriculture in Europe?  How did diets in Europe change

Ch. 19: Lifestyle and Entertainments

How did life of the Upper Class trickle into popular culture in the 18th century?  Give examples from of how the middle class were adopting the arts, sports, and entertainment of the Upper class.

Ch. 20: The Estates General

The Estates General

What three groups made up the Estates General?  Discuss what they are and what groups they represent.

Ch. 20: King Louis XVI

How did French King Louis XVI’s actions lead to frustration and rebellion by the French People?

Ch.20: French Revolution

Discuss Robespierre’s goals for the Revolution in France?  Did the Revolution produce a stable government of the People?  What went wrong?

Ch. 20: Napoleon’s Reforms

What reforms did Napoleon Bonaparte enact in France?

Ch.20: Napoleon

Discuss Napoleon’s Military goals.  What did he want to achieve?

21: Railroads

How is it that Railroad building accelerated Industrial growth.  Discuss!

Ch. 21: Industrial Revolution

Britain was one of the leading nations in coal mining and iron production.  What advantages did strong mining and iron production give nations with that resource during the Industrial Revolution?

Ch. 21: Increased Food Production

Please discuss 2 reasons Agricultural productivity and Food production increased significantly during the 18th Century.  There are a lot of reasons, discuss any 2!

Ch. 21: Enclosure Movement

The Enclosure Movement displaced farmers from the land into cities.  What were the benefits to landowners and problems for workers created by this system?

Ch. 21: Entrepreneurs

Early Entrepreneurs created the “Putting Out” system of manufacturing.  How and why did it produce more than individuals making the product for themselves?