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HIM 220_Worksheet: National Registry Assignment

HIM 220_Worksheet: National Registry Assignment

Visit the National Institutes of Health’s registry list (scroll down to the list area in the middle of the page to access the registries) and choose one from the list. Conduct independent research on the registry of your choice and address the following based on your findings:

1. Which registry did you choose?

2. Who can participate in this registry?

3. Describe the history of this registry, including why it was formed.

4. Explain how this registry is funded.

5. Why are registries important to the healthcare field?

6. What types of information and data are sent to this registry?

7. What is secondary data and why is it important to the healthcare field in general?

8. Explain the type of policy that should be put in place to protect the information in your chosen registry’s system.