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Entrepreneur story

Entrepreneur story

Department of Business Administration

Semester 403

Course Code:

BUS 413/ BUS 431

Course Name:

Entrepreneurship/ Project Feasibility Analysis


This assignment intends to enable the students to explore real life cases by discussing and reporting on course relevant topics related to the entrepreneurs. It targets the course learning objective 4.1: Demonstrate effective communication skills in contemporary issues of project feasibility.

. Instructions:

· This is an individual Assignment. You will submit a report summarizing your learning.

· Each of you will search for a story of one entrepreneur and study the entrepreneurial story of this person in starting a business.

· The Report should have following headers:

1. Introduction: Introduce yourself, summarize your participation in the Class Discussion board. And indicate if the experience was worthwhile or otherwise.

2. The Entrepreneur Story: Briefly write about the chosen entrepreneur and her/his story. The motivation, steps or logic followed, the winning points the failure or challenges faced. What lesson did you learn from the story and share with the class?

3. Conclusion: What did you learn from this interaction. Identify three characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, three reasons for their failure, what makes them persevere, fail and prosper? What is your final learning from this exercise?

Wish you the best of learning and Experience!!

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