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Describe the “spirit” of the Enlightenment

Describe the “spirit” of the Enlightenment

Describe the “spirit” of the Enlightenment. What were the major ideas that underpinned the Enlightenment in the 18th century? What were its core values? Who were the major innovators of the movement? What were their contributions? Be sure to highlight the categories of religion, nature, man, and society in your response using evidence from the primary sources (the readings that follow Baumer’s interpretive essay) to support your claims.

Finally, evaluate Baumer’s assertion that “The Enlightenment marked no cataclysmic break with the past” (Baumer, 363). Do you agree or disagree with this assertion? Why? Baumer then goes on to state that the Enlightenment was both the logical outgrowth/culmination of the Renaissance and the “birth of a new world-view” (Baumer, 363). Which is it? Can it be both? Explain your reasoning.

(500 word minimum)
Direct quotes related to topic based on pages (372-439)

use “Main currents of western thought” franklin le van baumer 3rd or 4th edition