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Deliverable 7 – Healthcare Intake Packet

Deliverable 7 – Healthcare Intake Packet


This is a great opportunity to tie everything together that you have learned! Let’s break this up into 3 parts. Deep breath – it’s easier than it seems!

Part 1: Intake Packet

  • Create a New Patient Letter in a business letter format. (Here is a library resource for help writing a business letter.)
  • In the letter:
    • Explain the importance of ethics
    • Explain why each part of the packet is included and how the packet is to be used
    • Include a HIPAA/Confidentiality statement and a Privacy Pledge
    • Add a line at the bottom of the form for the patient to sign acknowledging receipt
  • On a separate page, include your reference list in APA format.

Part 2: PowerPoint

  • Create a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation that explains the various elements of the new patient intake packet. (Here is a library resource for help creating a PowerPoint presentation.) Make sure to use the notes section below each slide to expand on the key points.

Part 3: Email

  • Write an email in a Word document that will be sent out to all hospital employees making them aware of the intake packet. (Make sure your email uses proper email formatting. (Here is a library resource for help writing a professional email.)