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COVID-19 Nutrition Concerns

COVID-19 Nutrition Concerns

There are two COVID-19 nutrition related concerns that relate to topics that are covered in this last section of NUTR 221: Food Safety and Food Access/Food Security.

In order to earn the extra credit points, you will need to research each of the following topics and answer the questions listed. Once you have completed this work sheet you can submit to the D2L Assignment Folder, labeled “Extra Credit” and submit as a PDF.

COVID 19 Food Safety Concerns

Use a professional Internet resource that provides helpful information related to COVID 19 and food safety. (Hint: CDC, USDA or other professional websites)

Why has food safety become even more important in terms of COVID 19? Explain who is at greatest risk.

Identify at least 3 food safety practices or behaviors that can help reduce the risk of food borne illness during this COVID 19 time period. Can include grocery shopping, home food preparation or getting takeout.




List Resource used (APA format):

COVID 19 Access to Food/Food Security

Think about where your food is coming from during this COVID 19 pandemic and identify one factor or problem for each step below that is impacting food security or food access.

1. Producer: Field or farm

2. Processor

3. Transport

4. Retail

5. Consumer

List Resource used (APA format):