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Constitution Law Quinn

Constitution Law Quinn

It is reasonable to progress into a government where the technology requires a warrant in order to be searched. The right to privacy is a very important part of the American constitution. It makes sure the government is not always watching a person. With the development of GPS and drones it becomes easier for them to see what a person is doing. This power should not be abused. This is one of the reasons that the courts have decided that privacy is part of the 4th amendment.

A warrant should be required to obtain GPS location of a person. They are to track every move a person makes if they have the GPS. Privacy is protected under the amendment. It is part of a persons. Therefore, the right to have that information private is guaranteed. The United States V. Jones case explained it quite well. They tracked a club owner around looking for drugs, without a warrant, and was found with a warrantless search. To obtain that information is going to be protected as well, not just placing the device itself.

The only exception that the government might get away with is if they owned the vehicle themselves. Then they would be able to search for the GPS coordinates because they consented to it. Without consent there is no proper way to conduct a warrantless search of a vehicle. They are protected under the 4th amendment privacy. This shows that there is no reasonable probable cause that enables warrantless searches.

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