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Conflict Mapping Exercise Assignment

Conflict Mapping Exercise Assignment

Please visit the link https://www.cfr.org/global-conflict-tracker/ to find the ongoing conflict: You may also search Crisis Group website https://www.crisisgroup.org/latest-updates/reports-and-briefings.
In this exercise, you will choose any conflict across the regions of the world and submit a 2-page case analysis/conflict mapping paper. Understanding conflict is very important. Wherever you go and in whichever capacity you work, you will face interpersonal and organizational conflicts. This exercise will give you an early hunch on how to work through conflicts and minimize their destructive consequences as well as enhance your individual and organizational productivity.

Your analysis MUST include:

• Choose any “ongoing conflict in the world” and name your case analysis.

• Provide a brief analysis of the context. What are the underlying social, structural, and political issues in the conflicts? Why is it important for regional and global peace and security?

• Who are the main conflict parties? What are their competing interests and goals? What are the underlying behaviors of the conflicting parties to achieve these goals?

• What initiatives have been taken so far by the U.N., E.U., the U.S., and international organizations to mitigate and resolve the conflict?

• Be sure to document and support your findings, assertions, and link to theories, and critically analyze the strengths and shortcomings of the various conflict resolution approaches, if any.

• You must cite at least one book and two scholarly articles for your case analysis. You can use in-text citations (e.g. Henry, 2014). For bibliography, use APA citation style. For additional help with citation, visit Purdue Online Writing Lab APA style here.