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Competencies of Leadership

Competencies of Leadership

Course Objectives

1. Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of leadership approaches and mindsets. (CLO1)

2. Identify personal professional leadership orientation and philosophy. (CLO2)

3. Analyze and synthesize leadership competencies. (CLO3)

4. Develop an initial practicum plan log. (CLO4)

5. Exemplify requisite credentials and program requirements. (CLO5)

Week 5 Assignment 3: Reflection on Course Learning Outcomes

Week 5 Learning Objectives

1. Identify all field experience activities for your Practicum Plan Log and the rationale for your choices based on the previous assessments in this course. (W5LO1) (CLO4)

2. Complete the initial outline for the Professional Report. (W5LO2) (CLO4)

3. Synthesize and reflect on learning outcomes from the course. (W5LO3) (CLO4)

4. Record requisite program requirements. (W5LO4) (CLO5)


Readings: (W5LO1, W5LO2, W5LO3) (CLO4)

· School Leader Internship, “Introducing School Leader Internship,” pp. 1-12

· School Leader Internship, “Plan,” pp. 19-20 and 122-124

· School Leader Internship, “Implementation,” pp. 125-126 and 144-147

· School Leader Internship, “Summative Evaluation / Final Report” pp. 149-153