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Arts 215 History

Arts 215 History

1. Read the following scenario.

You represent an agency developing a campaign for a client organisation(agreed with your assessor). You have developed a suite of convergent toolto be applied in a divergent media environment (Assessment Task 2).You will now, in consultation with experts and networks, need to plan andimplement a pilot of (or demo the implementation of) the tools andtechniques you have developed in order to gain the client’s approval for fullimplementation.

2. Meet with your assessor to agree on a suitable workplace or organisation to use as thebasis of this task. Discuss potential, realistic campaign scenarios, and to agree onimeframes for completion of this assessment task (if you haven’t already done so for

Assessment Task 2).

Note: A suitable workplace is a real or simulated workplace in which you have access torelevant information – e.g. marketing plans and strategies, policies and procedures, budgets – that will allow you to sufficiently determine client needs regarding possiblecampaigns utilising convergent marketing tools and techniques.

3. Consult with at least two relevant experts or networks in order to plan and schedule apilot implementation of the tools and techniques you have researched and developed.

a. Select and use appropriate conventions and protocols when communicating with

internal and external parties to seek or share information.

b. Work positively with those from other disciplines to achieved desired outcomesfor organisation and clients.

Note: Ensure you note details of your interactions to include in your written reflection.

4. Using the advice you have received, complete implementation planning for the pilot.

Ensure you include in your plan:

a. marketing objectives or goals relevant to the agreed organisation and campaign

b. several activities or steps required to pilot or demo (for the assessor) the customerexperience of engaging with the convergent tools or techniques (including peopleand resources as relevant). Show your ability to plan a seamless customer journey.Plan the establishment of channels in the pilot to empower and respond rapidly tocustomer perspectives

c. at least one monitoring activity to check the implementation against the relevant


Note: Use the template provided in Appendix 1.

5. Arrange with your assessor to pilot the convergent tools demonstrating theestablishment of channels in the pilot to empower customers and respond rapidly tocustomer perspectives.

Note: You may simply need to provide URLs, login details, etc. for the assessor orarrange a presentation to demo your tools, depending on the nature of the tools andtechniques and the customer experience you have designed.

6. Deliver the pilot.

7. Prepare a short (1-page) written reflection to:

a. describe your networking activities and oral communication and interaction skillsyou deployed

b. describe outcomes of the pilot and possible improvements.

8. Submit your implementation plan and written reflection within the agreed timeframeand in accordance with the specifications below.