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A Random Walk Down Wall Street” Business Studies

A Random Walk Down Wall Street” Business Studies

You was assigned for CHAPTER 6. Everyone must present a paper that relates the issues covered in an assigned chapter from the book A Random Walk Down Wall Street to another outside source (such as a research article or news article published in WSJ or a reputed finance journal). The outside source must contribute significantly to your paper. The outside source should challenge, refute, enforce, expand, and/or inform the reader beyond the context of the chapter within RWDWS.


Your paper must have 5 clearly identified sections, as follows:


  1. Original Work Statement

Verify the review is original work prepared solely for this class by including the following statement: “I, (insert your name), verify that this article review is solely my own work and creation and it has been prepared for credit in this class.”


  1. Main Issue

Clearly and succinctly summarize what are the MAIN ISSUEs or concepts of the Chapter(s) you are discussing. Include the key principles, models, or equations presented in the paper to support your summary. Communicate a clear, simple, straight-forward message that your peers can follow and understand.


  1. Outside Source

Find one outside source and clearly state how the outside source relates to this topic or the chapter(s) of RWDWS, and how the topic relates to our investment course or materials in the textbook. Does this outside source support or refute the argument made by the author in RWDWS chapter(s). Briefly discuss what sections, chapters, and concepts of this course are related to this article and why this article is so important to be discussed in this chapter for you.


  1. Personal Reflection and Comments

Your educated reaction or observations regarding the content of the chapter in RWDWS and your additional source. Discuss what you think of the content, its significance, and implications in the area of investment and finance. You can also discuss your investment or research experience that supports your comments.


  1. Article Citation

Provide a full & complete citation of the article being reviewed (author, date, article title, publication title, pages, etc.) and how/where the article was accessed; use APA or similar style.

The review will be evaluated on the clarity, efficiency, and effectiveness of communication of the main issues, the relevance to finance and this course, the appropriate use of financial terms, the level of thought communicated, grammatical accuracy (spelling, sentence structure), etc.


*** The report must be 4 – 6 pages long excluding title and reference pages. Please follow Times New Roman, 11 font size, double space, and APA reference style for the report. Students are expected to submit a report of 4-6 pages (double space and 6 pages maximum+ appendices).